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New Boundaries

We are a growing movement of leaders focused on moving the boundaries on what is possible in education. To do this we are building a diverse network of leaders focused on systems change and inspiring fierce advocates for excellence and equity in education so that students across our region learn, lead and thrive. Students in California are driven to lead the future of their classrooms, schools, and community. In partnership with our communities, and alongside our students, we work to re-imagine and re-define the boundaries on what is possible so that students in the California Capital Valley are prepared to shape the world for themselves and all of us. Today there are nearly 50 corps members and over 500 alumni working with thousands of students across the California Capital Valley. Every day we are focused on ensuring students in our classrooms and schools have the opportunity to learn the necessary knowledge and skills, grow in their unique leadership potential, and access opportunities that mark the path of economic mobility.

Rich History, Alternative Future

The Great Central Valley is one of the most ecologically diverse environments in the world including deserts, grasslands, foothills and rivers that have supplied life, health and vitality for generations beginning with Yukot communities over a millennia ago. Today, the Valley includes growing metropolitan areas like Sacramento, Stockton, Fresno and Bakersfield that grew exponentially with the influx of people moving in from across the country and around the world. Over the last 100 years, wide swaths of pristine land have been transformed through large scale agriculture, suburban sprawl, and population growth. The economic change has brought some of the most innovative and disruptive technology that continues to reshape opportunities, jobs, and pathways to economic mobility for students. We envision a future in which our students not only understand the language and structure of this rapidly changing reality but become the designers and architects of our future jobs, economy, and politics.

Progress and the Path Ahead

While there has been tremendous progress in education we know there is still work to be done to ensure every student has the opportunity for an excellent education. On average, 25% of students in our region read on grade level in 3rd grade and fewer than 25% are on grade level in 8th-grade math. And yet, schools like Yav Pem Saub Academy in Sacramento, where our corps members and alumni teach, the number of students at grade level has doubled in the past 3 years. And, while fewer than 30% of students score a 21 or higher on the ACT, in Stockton Unified, where we have a critical mass of corps members and alumni, that number has grown from 36% to 51% over the last 4 years. These are important milestones on the path to economic mobility. And, this type of progress has given us important insight into how we can continue to see meaningful change and the type of leadership necessary to make this change a reality.

Our Regional Advisory Board

Scott Richards

Executive Director | TFA-CCV

Kathy McKim

Senior Vice President | Hawksbill Group

Monique Brown

Co-founder and Managing Director | Growth Factory

Olivia Cano

Community Engagement & Events Manager | Greater Sacramento Economic Council

Beth Broome

Senior Advisor to the Provost | UC Davis

Juan P. Novello

Vice President | Sacramento Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Jamie Von Sossan

CEO | 3fold Communications

Delia Estrada

Social Impact Leader | Comcast

Our Team

Scott Richards

Executive Director

Angelina Molina

Senior Managing Director of Leadership Development