Teach For America California Capital Valley

Program Overview

What is The Equity Coalition?

The Equity Coalition is a collaborative experience for Teach For America Alumni in Sacramento who have a deep conviction and curiosity about the future of learning and reimagining student experiences. As a participant you will join a cohort of leaders in Sacramento and engage in a series of workshops facilitated by our partners at Transcend Education. These workshops are designed to provide space to explore the following topics and ideas:

  • Exploring Power and Privilege How can looking at our past through the lens of inequity and oppression help us reach for something better?
  • Imagining an Alternative Future How can imagining a new more equitable future help us reach for something better?
  • Building Coalitions What can we do in the present to reach for something better?

Who are we looking for?

  • Community leaders who are interested in thinking about innovation and thinking outside the box about what is possible in classrooms, schools and communities
  • People who want to build community around a shared vision for equity in Sacramento
  • People who are hungry for change and want to roll up their sleeves to work in partnership with others

How is The Equity Coalition structured?

  • Kick-Off Call – 45 minute opening with the opportunity to connect with fellow participants
  • Workshop Series – A series of 3 Spark Workshops
  • Mentor Match – Coalition members have the option of being matched with a school principal or district leader 1:1 for a series of mentorship conversations
  • Community Space – A space to deepen co-learning and connection outside of workshops

Our Participants

Eliese Rulifson

Education Research | SRI International

2009 Mississippi Delta

Omani Guy


2009 Mississippi Delta

Mikki Bruno

Student Success Manager | Fiveable

2012 California Capital Valley

Stephen Norris

Director of Development | Juma Ventures


Hoang Pham

Law Student | UC Davis School of Law

2011 Los Angeles

Shannon Brown

Teacher | Indianapolis School District

2012 Indianapolis

Moriah Haworth

Teacher | Growth Public School

2015 California Capital Valley

Joyce Chiao

Founder & CEO | InclusionLabs

2012 Mississippi Delta

Tracy Wong

Teacher | YPSA Academy

2018 California Capital Valley

Amanda Plasencia

Grants Manager | Third Plateau

2009 Greater Boston (now Massachusetts)

Amber Hiris

Teacher | Smythe Academy of Arts and Sciences

2015 California Capital Valley