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Regional Updates

As we venture into the second month of this calendar year, we hope this email finds you in community, we hope it finds you fed, we hope it finds you rested, and we hope it finds you at peace. 

This world has no shortage of strife and things that can make us question so much. Despite the challenges that we face, we hope that by being in community with you all, the weight that our collective shoulders holds can be made lighter. 

It is February and it is Black History Month! Take a look below and check out some resources and action steps at supporting Black Excellence, not only this month but throughout the year. 

TFA-CCV Hosted Our First Happy Hour + Trivia Night

Thank you to all of you who were able to attend our first CCV Teacher Happy Hour + Trivia Night. Specific shout outs to our alumni Melissa Pascoa (Detroit, 2012) and Naomi Priddy (Chicago, 2009) for creating and hosting an amazingly specific and creative trivia night as well as our Alumni Board Member Mariko Kawashima (Jacksonville, 2014) for helping us make our space beautiful and welcoming!

Black History Month

In honor of Black History Month, the Office of Equity and Belonging will offer a series of virtual events designed around the theme of Black Brilliance. These events, open to staff and alumni, were designed using our racial equity principles and will help our network deepen, build, and act on our commitment to equity and belonging. Events will take place throughout February. Learn more about session topics and timing via the attached flyer, and fill out the Black History Month Events: Black Brilliance form to learn more and sign up.

28 Days of Black History is a daily resource, brought to you by Anti-Racism Daily, to deepen your understanding of Black History Month that includes cultural artifacts, action steps to carry this work into tomorrow, and discussion questions to drive conversation and learning with your colleagues, students, friends, and family.

BlackPast is dedicated to providing reliable information on the history of Black people across the globe, and especially in North America. Our goal is to promote greater understanding of our common human experience through knowledge of the diversity of the Black experience and the ubiquity of the global Black presence.

TFA-CCV is looking for committed alumni to support us in our vision on our Regional Alumni Board

Your perspective is needed! Do you have a commitment to change in the CCV, both within the city and TFA? Apply to be on our Alumni Leadership Board to support our vision, inform our direction, and share your perspective. Reach out to ryan.almazan@teachforamerica.org for any questions. Click the link here to apply and see a complete description of a board member.

School Leaders of Color (SLOC) Conference is happening this weekend in L.A.

Are you an alumni going? Let us know how it went? What were your impressions of the speakers? What ideas did it bring up for you? Send a message to ryan.almazan@teachforamerica.org and let us know!

Alumni Offerings

Check out jobs, internships, opportunities, resources, and fellowships that are available in the CCV and beyond.

Earn your Certificate of Education Finance (CEF)

Taught by Dr. Marguerite Roza and a range of guest speakers, Georgetown University’s Certificate in Education Finance (CEF) is a first-of-its-kind program with an interdisciplinary, interactive, hands-on approach to learning and applying strategic finance strategy, leadership, policy, and administration. The program covers everything from resource allocation and productivity to financial tradeoffs and equity. We’re looking to equip participants at all levels of the education system with the practical skills needed to be both better consumers and users of education finance information. Cohort participants range from (but are not limited to) district and school leaders to analysts and graduate students to nonprofit leaders and policymakers. Our cohorts to date report that working with and learning from professionals across a wide swath of roles and perspectives in the education sector is invaluable in helping them effectively apply their newfound skills.

Designed for full-time working professionals, the 40-hour (4 CEU, 42.2 CPE or 30 PDC) certificate builds on a two-day residency with live, interactive virtual sessions roughly every two weeks following the residency. Scholarships may be available. For questions, contact Jordan Tollefson at ELabCEF@georgetown.edu

Career Design Fellowship

Join the Career Design Fellowship, a collaborative online program for TFA alumni that gives you the structure and accountability to figure out your next career move. The Fellowship is perfect for you if you’re:

  • Wanting more balance, growth, or impact from your career
  • Feeling bored, burnt out, or not using your strengths
  • Transitioning to a new phase of life and want to reinvent your career

Sign up for the Career Design Fellowship here.

LEE can help you run for office – and win!

Join Leadership for Educational Equity (LEE) for support with political campaigns and elected leadership. Read more about what is possible with LEE.

$10,000 Teacher Courage Award established in honor of Darcy Richie (NY '04)

Last April, the TFA NY community lost a tremendous leader with the passing of Darcy Richie (NY ’04). Darcy served New York as a teacher, school leader, and education ecosystem leader for over 18 years. She was also a former TFA staff member and a Relay adjunct for over 9 years, where she worked with many corps members. In Darcy’s honor, Generation Citizen has established a $10,000 Teacher Courage Award to recognize a civics, history, social studies or government teacher demonstrating courage and excellence in equity-rooted civic education. If that sounds like a teacher that you know, we hope that you’ll nominate them in remembrance of Darcy’s impact on her community.

Free services for children and family

North Sacramento’s Family Resource Center offers a plethora of free services for children and family. Take a look at the various services offered on their website

Services include:

  • Home visitations
  • Crisis Intervention Services
  • Car Seat Education
  • Safe Sleep Baby Education
  • Court Mandated, Court Approved Parenting Classes
  • Child Development Screenings