Teach For America California Capital Valley

Program Overview

Our hypothesis

If we create conditions for teachers to partner with students in co-designing learning experiences, students will play an active role in transforming education.

Our approach

This 15-week experience pairs students with teachers who, as a team, co-design and implement learning experiences that are learner centered. Both students and teachers will receive a $1,000 award and undergraduate/graduate level credits.

  • Consulting Teams: A teacher and student from a Learner Centered School that supports and advises the teacher-student partnership
  • Advisory Groups: Small group of fellows, designed for deepening our learning and building critical relationships
  • Teacher-Student Partnership: A teacher-student pair charged with designing and implementing learner centered systems & experiences
  • Learning Community: Learn with other fellows and facilitators who are deeply committed to the group learning experience

Who is this fellowship designed for?

The student – One who craves for more out of their learning environment but has not been given the support or permission to advocate for themselves and others.

The teacher – One who is tired of traditional schooling and eager to do something different. Who also seeks to build stronger relationships with students and community.

Contact Angelina for more information at angelina.molina@teachforamerica.org